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Parkland Fl, & Coral Springs Florida February Update on Data and Statistics

Parkland Fl, & Coral springs Florida February Update on Data and Statistics
The Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida Real Estate market in 2014 continues to improve on a month by month basis. One main point of consideration is  difference between December and January statistics that happen every year. December  always enjoys the  highest volume of  closings because everyone tries to close and take advantage of the homestead exemption. December is usually a low month for new Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida Real Estate inventory, because of the Holidays.
The month of January in Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida Real Estate showed a marked increase in the number of homes that were put on the market, closed sales were down, and this reflected the higher closings in December. We do see that  and days on market decreased slightly as our inventory shrinks in Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida Real Estate .
Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida Real Estate market actually experienced  an increase in buyers looking for homes and a shortage of homes . In Parkland, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach where there is still new construction, sales are booming.  Most builders  Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida  are six months to a year ahead of their original forecasts. They are releasing smaller numbers of homes every 3 to 6 weeks and having price increases each time.  Currently it is taking 10 to 12 months from start to finish for the homes.  Using a good real estate agent will  help you find the many great values available.

Coral Springs Florida & Parkland Florida Real Estate is beginning to see more overpriced listings coming on the market, based on current market values. This is an interesting situation that occurs in every market that shows constant signs of price increases. Home owners that do not need to sell their homes today are looking to get top dollar for their properties and over time that does happen. In the current time it is one of the causes of a shortage of saleable homes. As prices continue to go up & interest rates are still historically low, inventory should increase in the coming months as owners get their prices. Yes your appraisals will be an issue, but a good realtor will work through that obstacle.
The last boom- bust cycle was started by the Florida Real Estate market.
Florida will be the leading indicator for this next upswing.
The State of Florida and in particular South Florida properties is relatively inexpensive compared to other popular areas in much colder climates, and around the world.  Baby Boomers wish to make Florida their retirement home, and younger families want to get away from the cold, take advantage of Florida’s Schools and expanding job markets and avoid state taxes-all in all we have the best of all worlds for all ages, lifestyles, year round residents, 2nd home buyers and investors.
For all of the reasons above Florida will be leading the country into a healthy recovery we will continue to see in 2014.
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Lea Plotkin Berkshire Hathaway 
HS Florida Realty

Survey of 1,000 Real Estate Agents Reveals the Top Six Ways to Sabotage the Sale of Your Home
Parkland  Florida map  Parkland Florida: The most common reasons that a house will not sell in a good market are often well within the control of the home seller according to a recent survey by the ActiveRain online real estate community. In a poll of over 1,000 real estate agents, it was revealed that the top six ways home sellers turn potential home buyers away are:  
  1. The home is overpriced
  2. It is difficult to set a showing time
  3. The seller is unwilling to depersonalize or de-clutter the home
  4. Unpleasant odors
  5. The seller is unwilling to negotiate with buyers
  6. The seller refuses to make repairs

Lea Plotkin, a local REALTOR® with Berkshire Hathaway Florida realty, confirms that these same findings hold true for homes in the Parkland Florida. “It is up to the agent to educate the seller on aspects of the home selling process that can instantly turn off a potential buyer,” stated Lea Plotkin. “However, some sellers get on the defensive when you point out pets, odors, and housekeeping, so it is a very fine line to walk!”   Lea Plotkin reflects on a time when we had a
 listing where they had had monkeys in separate area of the home .  Even though the home had been empty of the animals  for a while  and prior to listing the home we went through what had to be accomplished  to make this area  of the home more palatable. When all was said and done…. It still had smell issues.  This smell was more apparent on humid rainy days….. it still smelled of animal.  When the seller was told that the buyers feedback was  “they need to do some more cleaning of the “animal smell”, they were so  offended and insulted  they wanted to stop all showings. “I wish stories like this weren't common in my line of work. A good real estate agent spends plenty of time with their sellers before their house ever goes on the market to avoid these expensive mistakes. But it does not mean that the owners can discern the smells that prospective  buyers are smelling. You do not see and feel your own clutter or smell." Infographic: Biggest Home Seller Mistakes\
seach for homes

About :Lea Plotkin is a licensed REALTOR® with Berkshire Hathaway HS Florida Realty  in  Parkland  Florida  ( )and has been a member of the ActiveRain real estate community since 2011.  Lea Plotkin is a part of the successful Lea Plotkin & Rubin Wites team specializing in the greater fort Lauderdale South Pam Beach area  in the top ½ percent of all realtors nationwide  for BHHS previously known as Prudential. They have been successfully helping clients Buyers, Sellers, Relocation, investors, short sale , and new construction and REO  clients  for over 36 years with unprecedented repeat client base.   The “Biggest Home Seller  Mistakes” infographic was create by ActiveRain, an online community of real estate professionals . Find the infographic at The information from “Biggest Home Seller Mistakes” was compiled by surveying more than 1,000 members of the ActiveRain community.  Real estate agents were asked to identify the top three mistakes sellers make that negatively impacts the sale of their home.  The final voting breaks down as follows: - See more at: Parkland florida                     Data provided by ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.